Dialogue at Montclair Art Museum

Rob Schmidt (creator, Peace Party) and I have been invited you to speak as part of the programming in relation to the Montclair Art Museum (“MAM”) exhibition Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of the American Super Hero.

The exhibition features a section on Native Americans in comic book both portraying stereotypical depictions, introduction of Native superheroes in main stream comics and the more positive educational models like Blue Corn Comics and others. This event will take place December 6, 2007. See the MAM website for more info.

Here is a PDF announcement of the event.
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1 thought on “Dialogue at Montclair Art Museum”

  • I hope someone writes a press release announcing our event. If the Montclair doesn’t do it, I may have to.

    Anyway, see you there, pal.

    Rob 😉

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