Excite News – ‘Second Life’ 3-D Digital World Grows

Life in 3D

While 2nd Life (yes, I know I am spelling it wrong) has been around for quite some time, it has only recently caught the attention of mainstream media. Perhaps this is due to it ever-growing popularity…more likely, it is due to the fact people make actual money inside this virtual world. Anytime there is money to be made, the news media is not far behind.

Not that there is anything wrong with making money.

However, as this article mentions, there are other important aspects to 2nd Life such as academic and simulation training. Given that 2nd Life is free (for basic membership), this can be a very cost effective forst step for individuals seeking advantages in simulation-based training scenarios.
…Or they could just hire me to create the virtual world for them. I’m cheap.
Excite News – ‘Second Life’ 3-D Digital World Grows

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